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MTM facilitates access to literature and news for individuals with visual impairments or reading disabilities. Below you can find information about our most common accessible formats and whom we make these adaptations for:


In our digital library, Legimus, you can find talking books, e-textbooks and braille books across various genres. We offer more than 140,000 titles. Our users can read books in Legimus using our Legimus app or our website, MTM produces general fiction and non-fiction literature, and has a special assignment to produce course literature for students in higher education with reading disabilities. 

The right to use Legimus

Individuals who have a disability that makes it difficult to read printed text can gain access to Legimus and all the books available there.

What constitutes a disability that makes reading printed text difficult?  

Examples of disabilities that may make it difficult to read printed text include: 

  • Reading and writing difficulties, dyslexia 
  • Visual impairment 
  • Physical disabilities that, for example, make it difficult to hold a book 
  • Intellectual disabilities 
  • Neuropsychiatric disabilities, such as autism and ADHD 
  • Cognitive disabilities 
  • Temporary reading disabilities, for example due to injury or illness 

Difficulty concentrating is not in itself a disability. However, a disability can involve difficulties with concentration.  

There must be a connection between the disability and the reading difficulty. Having Swedish as a second language does not entitle an individual to a Legimus account.  

However, those who have difficulty reading due to a disability, even in their own language, are entitled to borrow talking books and other formats in Swedish and other languages.

Talking books, braille and e-textbooks 

Talking books

MTM offers talking books to meet various needs. The same title may be available in multiple versions, translations or adaptations. A title might also be available in different formats, such as talking books and braille books. MTM’s talkning books are produced in Daisy format. Many talking books contain both audio and text, allowing users to listen to the reading while following the text in their reading program. Other talking books contain only audio and the book’s headings. In all talkning books, it is possible to control the speed, search by chapters, pages and headings, as well as set bookmarks. There are also image descriptions of the book’s illustrations, helping readers to enjoy the pictures and the text. 

Braille and tactile literature 

MTM produces braille books to suit the needs of different readers. We produce children’s books as well as literature for adults. We offer books with braille only as well as other tactile books, including tactile images, braille, large print, recorded text and drawn signs. We provide braille books for both beginners and more experienced readers. As an adult with a visual impairment, you can find books to read to a sighted child. We also have books with support signs (TAKK) and tactile picture books for children who are learning to read with their fingers. MTM also produces magazines in braille, tactile products such as calendars, as well as adapted board and card games. 


An e-textbook contains digitally stored text that you read on a computer, with adaptations such as speech synthesis, screen magnification or braille display. MTM produces e-textbooks in the Epub 3 format. E-textbooks are mainly used by university students with visual impairments, enabling them to read using a digital braille display or locally installed speech synthesis. 

Easy to read literature and newspaper


LL-förlaget publishes easy-to-read books for young adults and adult readers with reading disabilities. The publishing house issues and distributes easy-to-read books to the extent that these needs are not met on the commercial market. Our primary target groups are readers with intellectual disabilities, readers with neuropsychiatric disabilities, readers learning Swedish and older individuals with dementia. LL-förlaget publishes both fiction and non-fiction written directly in easy-to-read language. The publishing house is part of the Agency for Accessible Media. The publisher’s books are released as printed books, audio and e-books, and are also available as talking books in Legimus.  

Easy-to-read news  

8 Sidor is a newspaper with shorter sentences and without difficult words. The letters are slightly larger, and the articles are written in easy Swedish. New articles are written every weekday on the website, and you can have the content read aloud. The site also offers language assistance and translation into about 20 different languages. There is an option to receive 8 Sidor as a paper newspaper, PDF newspaper, spoken newspaper or in braille. The newspaper is published once a week. 

Talking newspapers  

Just over a hundred Swedish daily newspapers are issued as talking newspapers. MTM is responsible for converting the print newspaper into a talking newspaper and for ensuring it can be read with different types of reading equipment. The reader can access the spoken newspaper using a vocal newspaper reader, app or computer. A synthetic voice reads the entire content of the print newspaper, and it is possible to navigate between different articles and sections. The talking newspaper is delivered to readers at the same time as the print newspaper. 



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