Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM, is under the administration of the Ministry of Culture. Our mandate is to ensure that all persons with reading impairments can access literature and daily newspapers through media appropriate to them.


Our activities include the production and distribution of talking books, Braille books and easy-to-read books and news. MTM is the central lending facility of these materials for Swedish libraries, with the legimus.se digital library acting as the hub in this area. A large and crucial field is research and development relating to new techniques for production and reading. One special mandate is to provide university and college students access to their required reading through media appropriate to them.

MTM has about 120 employees, and our premises are located near the Globen Arena in Stockholm. Our operations are financed by the Ministries of Culture and Education, and are supported and regulated by laws and ordinances.

MTM plays an important role in the technological development of accessible media. We also cooperate with our sister libraries all over the world. 

To help the libraries provide information about accessible media, we publish various materials and arrange study days and conferences. Our two publications, Läsliv and Vi punktskriftsläsare, present various aspects of our activities. Our newsletters provide current information and are intended mainly for library personnel and others who provide information to a broader audience.

MTM is also present on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Councils at MTM

The Talking Newspapers Council is a special decision-making body at MTM tasked with improving access to daily newspaper content for persons with visual impairment, aphasia and dyslexia, as well as for persons with functional impairments that make it difficult or impossible for them to hold or page through a newspaper. The Talking Newspaper Council decides on the distribution of support to daily newspapers that wish to publish a recorded or synthesized speech version of the printed newspaper.

The Swedish Braille Authority is a council at MTM tasked with promoting and developing tactile reading and Braille as a written language for persons with visual impairments. The Authoity develops and follows principles for accessibility to information, both for conferences and with regard to written material.

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