Our Exhibitors

  • AEL Data

    At AEL Data, we provide braille transcription and tactile graphics services. Our mission is to make it easy for visually handicapped people to explore and learn the strange system of braille (the six dots).
    AEL Data
  • Annica Norberg Design

    Annica Norberg Design is a one-man company with considerable experience of tactile images of different techniques and materials such as swellpaper, screenprint and collage images. I will show examples of images in different techniques and how I work in the "translation" from visual to tactile images.
    Annica Norberg Design
  • Harpo

    Harpo’s mission is to create solutions for people with vision and communication impairments so that they could interact with the world, to realise their ambitions and to help make the world see them for the talented people they are.

    Educational Tools for Young Learners with Special Needs Hungry Fingers is a one-man company specializing in designing and producing educational tools for young learners with a visual impairment. The tools are designed to give visually impaired
  • Index Braille

    Located in north of Sweden, Index Braille is the market leading braille printer producer with 70% of the global market share. Our product portfolio includes Everest-D and BrailleBox for cut-sheet paper, and Basic-D for tractor-fed braille paper, all supporting printing of high resolution tactile graphics.
    Index Braille
  • Insyn

    We will show braille devices connected to computer, tablets and smartphones. Products to learn braille and use. We also know how to produce braillematerial fast and simply.
  • Iris Hjälpmedel (Iris Assistive Aids)

    Iris Hjälpmedel (Iris Assistive Aids) represents several solutions within braille and tactile for learning and an active daily life. Experience our wide range of different solutions that are good for everyone, but necessary for some.
    Iris Hjälpmedel (Iris Assistive Aids)
  • Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (Dreaming Fingers)

    Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (Dreaming Fingers) will exhibit different kind of tactile illustrated books (TiB) for visually impaired (partially sighted & blind), mainly illustrated with textures; educative TiB, preschool TiB, youth literature TiB, artist’s TiB.
    Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (Dreaming Fingers)
  • LVI Low Vision International

    Our philosophy: With the mission to make every day easier for people with visual disabilities, LVI Low Vision International designs and develops products with high standards for reliability, simplicity and serviceability.
    LVI Low Vision International
  • Mokomoko Group and Suzulan Bunko

    Misako Nomura, who is working at the Japanese Society for Persons with Disabilities as an adviser, will promote products made by two volunteer groups from Japan; Mokomoko Group and Suzulan Bunko. Misako will show cloth picture books and describe how the tactile cloth picture books help the development of reading skills.
    Mokomoko Group and Suzulan Bunko
  • Picture Book Plus

    Picture Books Plus supports the idea of inclusive education. Children with a visual impairment should be able to read the same picture books as their sighted peers so they can participate.
    Picture Book Plus
  • Reach and Match

    Reach & Match® is an innovative and research-based education kit to empower children with vision impairment and complex needs to develop braille literacy and essential childhood skills through a welldesigned inclusive learning program.
    Reach and Match
  • Scandic Screen

    Scandic Screen is a one man company, started in 1988 in Copenhagen. Scandic will show examples off screenprinted jobs and combined digital/screenprinted jobs.
    Scandic Screen
  • SG Access

    SG Access AB is a unique company within the signage and wayfinding industry. Our goal is to improve what should be for granted - Everyone should have the chance to access information and maps in the public domain regardless of vision or language
    SG Access
  • Tactsenze

    Our start-up, Tactsenze has produced a prototype which allows visually impaired musicians to interpret a conductor’s hand movements.
  • Zychem

    Zychem Limited are manufacturers and global suppliers of ZYTEX2 Swell Paper for the manufacture of tactile diagrams. We will be showing both the paper and the ZYFUSE Heater, allowing the customer to produce simple but clear and effective raised
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