The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) was founded in Edinburgh in 1927. The purpose of the Federation is to promote the broadest conceivable international cooperation among libraries.

The Federation targets every kind of library throughout the world. Since 1971, its secretariat is located in the Hague. The Federation is divided into five divisions, according to various types of libraries, and these divisions, in turn, are divided into sections.

The Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section

The Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section (LPD), to which MTM belongs, consists of more than 70 member organizations from a host of different countries and regions. This section works to promote accessible library service for people with visual impairments or other reading impairments. The work of the section promotes international cooperation and development among individuals and organizations that work in this field.


IFLA organizes a global conference each year. Lyon, France will host the 2014 conference. In conjunction with the IFLA conference, the sections organize their own conferences, each focusing specifically on the areas of interest to that section. The Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities (LPD) arranges a conference every other year. The next confernce will be held in Paris, and is open to everyone interested in attending.


Between the various conferences, the sections hold working meeting. Sometimes, special seminars are arranged, often in conjunction with these working meetings, in order to spread information about IFLA and services and assistance directed to target groups in various countries. Both the working meetings and the seminars are open to all.

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