Rattray and Jones

Ms. Skye Jones and Mrs. Sharon Rattray at South Australian School for Vision Impaired

Ms. Skye Jones (Nationally Accredited Highly Accomplished Teacher) and Mrs. Sharon Rattray (Deputy Principal), South Australian School for Vision Impaired (SASVI)

Braille Butterflies

In this presentation you will take part of the Braille Butterflies program. How a whole school approach to reading, spelling and writing for Braille and print readers have been developed.  

The philosophy behind teaching Braille at South Australian School for Vision Impaired has evolved to bring together students who are blind and those with limited functional vision, together in groups of similar developmental stages.

Learning is structured to include a broad and balanced approach to pre-braille and beginner braille reading activities in the following five areas; tactile exploration, fine motor skills, mathematical concepts, spatial awareness and group work.

Sky and Sharon will demonstrate the importance of delivering a comprehensive literacy program to Braille and print readers simultaneously. They will also give you assessment tools to demonstrate student progress and evidence of success to support this program. Evidence collected through annual standardised tests and diagnostic assessments shows that this approach is an effective and efficient way of learning for all students, regardless of the medium they learn through.

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