Leonoor Soet and Mieke Urff

Leonoor Soet, Educational Editor and Mieke Urff, Educationalist Special and Inclusive Ed. at Dedicon Educational

Tactile Textbooks that fit students with visual impairments using mainstream books

In this presentation you will get an insight in the current situation within the Dutch educational system. The Dutch system allows schools to choose methods and course materials which are suitable for their preferred pedagogy. For one discipline there is a choice between 7 to 12 different methods. Dedicon Educational is faced with the challenge to adapt a vast range of requested course materials allowing these students to be included in mainstream education.

The textbooks that have to be adapted are very colourful and full of images, crosswords, puzzles, etcetera. The publishers try to surpass each other in making their materials appealing for -sighted- children and pupils are expected to draw lines, colour, underline and encircle and sometimes using markers in various colours.

In making the material accessible and usable for children who are blind working with a braille display or printed braille, we adjust the content. We delete or edit text and rearrange the word order where necessary and we add tactile graphics in order to allow the children to work at the same pace as their classmates. We want them to be able to work independently if needed, but also to team up with their sighted peers and participate in group discussions about today’s lesson. Leonoor and Mieke will explain how Dedicon works to adapt educational materials, that are designed for sighted children, for children who are blind. Hopefully, you will get inspired and learn new methods of how to adapt course materials.

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