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SG Access AB is a unique company within the signage and wayfinding industry. Our goal is to improve what should be for granted - Everyone should have the chance to access information and maps in the public domain regardless of vision or language or not. SG Access AB focus on developing products that are simple to understand and easy to use. Neat things like a gadget to measure "folding money" a very well-designed product to solve What could be everyday problems. Signs to inform about and identify your environment. Always with an opportunity for smart thoughtful extras.  

With our expertise we are specialized in ingenious products with high usability. We have developed specialized processes, know-how and years of experience, so we call us experts in custom Visual, Braille, Tactile signage and maps. Our clearly visible and tactile signs can be manufactured to custom designs and requirements in a wide range of colors and materials. We use high color contrast acrylic as well as metal or clear transparent acrylic for overlay and carefully thought through things.  

Visit us at our exhibition booth and use your senses to look at and touch our products:

  • Handrail direction signs
  • Folding money meter gadget and Rulers
  • Handheld portable maps
  • Evacuation How-to instructions and Emergency Evacuation Maps
  • A number of Tactile maps with smart thoughtful extras.  

To do the best possible visual, tactile and universal design is an ongoing challenge to develop. Given the best opportunity by implementing universal standard as good as possible.


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