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Educational Tools for Young Learners with Special Needs

Hungry Fingers is a one-man company specializing in designing and producing educational tools for young learners with a visual impairment. The tools are designed to give visually impaired children the confidence that with poor vision, or even without sight, they can be in command of the space around them. They can learn how objects are related to one another, and why they look, or feel different when we draw them.

At the Tactile Reading conference Bob Marek will exhibit a series of resources making „A Tactile Graphics Primer” - a step-by-step introduction to tactile diagrams helping understand the relation between objects and drawings. The series includes:

  • Shape detective 1-5
  • Space organizer
  • Transfograph,
  • Symmetrograph
  • Rotograph
  • „The title of this book is…” (learnig about body parts while drawing a teddy bear)
  • Fleximan and „Playing and learning with Fleximan” – understanding drawings of people performing various activities
  • Tactile graphics games for O&M and understanding of difficult concepts
  • Magic quiz board and Mutliple choice frame – educational tools for stress free testing, checking understanding of tactile graphics, general knowledge etc.

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