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Practitioners and researchers will give presentations in the following topics:

1. Development of tactual understanding

  • How does tactile conception work in theory and practice?
  • Profiling/testing the tactual development of the child
  • Pre-braille activities and reading
  • Developing tactual reading skills

2. Tactile reading and the brain

  • Cognitive skills
  • Haptics
  • Fine motor abilities

3. Braille and literacy

  • Getting access to a written language by using braille
  • Development of tactile text reading/braille reading
  • Multimodal reading
  • Going from print to braille
  • Learning braille in a second language

4. Tactile graphics

  • Possibilities for the child to develop a pictorial language
  • Accessing tactile graphics
  • Accessible design
  • Image descriptions
  • Style in tactile images

5. Universal design and tactile reading

More details about the programme will be published later.

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