Into the hands of readers

Thanks to fabulous inventions, better standards and lots of hard advocacy work, giant steps towards a great digital reading experience for people with disabilities have already been taken in the reading systems and assistive technology arena.

But people with disabilities are a heterogeneous target group. Low digital skills combined with low reading skills can often make a person unable to make use of the excellent mainstream products and services that are available. The need for training, support and further product development is a challenge for all stakeholders in the inclusive publishing eco system.

What do we put into the hand of readers in the future that will help them overcome their difficulties and inspire more to use online digital publications?

Who is it for?

This track is for everyone who wants to know more about the digital reading experience and how it can become more inclusive.

We will learn about the future of accessible reading systems - from the perspectives of service providers and manufacturers of apps and players.

Not only will we get to know what providers of reading systems have in pipeline, but also how to introduce and help new readers over the threshold to online reading.

Programme for this track on Wednesday 18 May


Keynote and keynote speaker:
Accessible reading on mainstream e-book book platforms
Rick Johnson  

Seminar and seminar speaker:
Reading apps and accessibility – user requirements and helpful guidance, Richard Orme
Bibblix – a reading app for kids, Oskar Laurin


Keynote and keynote speaker: 
It’s a small world: Opportunities and Solutions for Accessible Online Information Services
Andrew Furlong

Seminars and seminar speakers:
Multiple services through DAISY on-line, Susanne Axner
Online DAISY Players - a painless transition path to the post CD online age of reading, Dominic Labbé


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