Photo: Erika Gerdemark, The Royal Court, Sweden

HRH Prince Carl Philip

HRH Swedish Prince Carl Philip is the Patron of the Dyslexia Association of Sweden.

Prince Carl Philip, who is dyslexic, initiated a hearing on dyslexia in Sweden last year during which the situation of children and young people with reading and writing difficulties was highlighted.

"These issues are important not only to me but also to the hundreds of thousands of children with dyslexia in Sweden. Every day, these children fight with letters and numbers that jump around in their school books. The others laugh at them when they get something wrong, and they have to work harder than their classmates to achieve the same grades." the Prince said in his opening speech.

He added: “I know what it’s like, I was one of them.”

“We must all take responsibility for this; Schools, politicians, authorities, experts, parents and friends. We must have a zero tolerance for bullying and zero tolerance for students with dyslexia feeling left out,” said the Prince.

Prins Carl Philip på Dyslexi hearing 2015 (link in Swedish, opens in new window)

Together with the Dyslexia Association of Sweden he helped organize a major dyslexia conference to assist children who have reading and writing problems.


Prince Carl Philip is a professional Race Driver; his goal is to be better and faster.

Prince Carl Philip is also a successful designer; his firm has international design co-operations with Stelton, Rörstrand, and Schott Zwiesel amongst others.

He and his wife Princess Sofia have just become parents for the first time.


Source: A Hearing on Dyslexia, March 9th 2015 and Daisy Techwatch

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