The inclusive e-book ecosystem

The e-book is fairly new. The stakeholders are still seeking better and more sustainable business models and ways to collaborate. Disruptive technology will keep changing the pre-conditions for publishing.

If we look at it as a maturing process, it is likely that the whole eco system of digital books will be different ten years from now. In shaping processes and structures that enable the vision of “Born Digital Born Accessible” the stakeholders need to find their unique roles.

Ten years from now - what will be the roles of the specialist provider? the mainstream library? the national archives? and last but not least - the bookshop or mainstream retail provider?

Who is it for?

This track targets an audience with a general interest in inclusion, digital publishing and e-books in libraries. We will hear visionary ideas and insight in high level aspects such as globalisation, governance, international standards and legislation.  The track will also give you concrete and good examples of inclusive e-book publishing from both private and public sector and from different parts of the planet.

Programme for this track on Wednesday 18 May


Keynote and keynote speaker:
Beyond Print and into What Imagination Will Bring
George Kerscher 

Seminars and seminar speakers:
LIA - an Italian inclusive publishing ecosystem, Cristina Mussinelli
Accessibility progress? YES!, Brad Turner


Keynote and keynote speaker:
E-books the potential for inclusion
Victoria Owen

Seminars and seminar speakers:
EDRLab the IDPF and Readium Foundation headquarter, Cyril Labordrie
Transition to EPUB 3 made possible, Avneesh Singh


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