Reaching out, attracting and keeping users active

Today the specialist providers - libraries serving people with disabilities around the world experience the same problem. They have excellent products and services such as multimedia talking books, books in easy to read language, online distribution, apps etc but it’s difficult to reach out to new potential users.

There may be multiple reasons for this, e.g. lack of knowledge, low awareness and motivation, inefficient communication. Another experience is that some new users who do subscribe to services tend to drop off or be inactive within the first year since they became members.

Who is it for?

In this track you will learn about the worlds best practices and what the primary challenges are when you want to reach out to new users and keeping them active. We will hear from progressive public libraries with rapidly growing e-book uptake, specialist providers succeeding in serving people with disabilities and organisations specializing in reaching out to people in developing countries.

Programme for this track on Tuesday 17 May


Keynote and keynote speaker:
The Future of Libraries and e-books: Serving our users in the 21st century
Micah May 

Seminar and seminar speaker:
Reaching the unreachable, Ulla Bohman


Keynote and keynote speaker:
If Accessibility is The Step, Capture is The King
Michael Wright  

Seminars and seminar speakers: 
Engaging children and adolescents in finding the joy of reading, Leena Holopainen and Minna Katela
A user’s voice: “I can read and understand the textbooks with DAISY!”, Misako Nomura and Hiroshi Kawamura


Seminars and seminar speakers: 
Bringing Books to Persons with Print Disabilities, Monica Halil Lövblad
Building Suitable Inclusive Publishing Ecosystems for Developing Countries, Dipendra Manocha

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