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The digital book experience provides new and fascinating ways to read the book treasures of the world – also with new social components. Annotations written by experts, your teacher or neighbour can supplement the words of the original author.

Today’s digital book industry shows several good examples of products and services that provide an acceptable user experience for many people with reading disabilities. To make a commercial reading service truly accessible to everyone involves all links in the chain- including authoring tools, purchase portals and reading systems.

Who is it for?

If you are interested in the inclusion potential of commercial digital publishing and e-book services - this is your track. You will be shown successful samples of e-book services that are inclusive to people with disabilities. Distinguished industry representatives will describe how publishing corporations build in accessibility in their workflow and technology – and what the limitations are that we need to be aware of.

Program for this track on Tuesday 17 May 


Keynote and keynote speaker:
The labor pains of born accessible 
Tzviya Siegman

Seminar and seminar speaker:
The Faces Behind Elsevier´s Accessibility Approach, Robert “Tripp” Naurup


Keynote and keynote speaker:
Modeling digital textbook influence to EDUPUB and harmonization with accessibility Yong-Sang Cho

Seminars and seminar speakers: 
To be announced
Creating accessible content elements in the publishing workflow, Inge de Mönnink


Seminars and seminar speakers: 
Access in self-publishing, Dave Gunn
Redefine Accessibility - Why We Need to Rethink the Meaning of Accessibility, Fredrik Schill and Jens Halvarsson




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