Authoring the next generation of accessible content

In the era of EPUB 3 based accessible books the availability of authoring tools is a core requirement for enabling publishers of any type to create accessible publications.

 The content that can exist in accessible publications presents a richly varied challenge to providers. Those challenges require tools for human narration, image descriptions, text markup, science and math content, 3D, video and so on. This track describes elements of the current and future tool landscape.

Who is it for?

Are you a trade  book publisher in need of tools that leverage content to new readers? – this track is for you.

Are you from a government agency or specialized provider and want information about the best practices for an EPUB3 production workflow? – this track is for you.

Do you as a teacher sometimes produce your own accessible study materials for your students? - this track is for you.

Programme for this track on Wednesday 18 May


Seminar and seminar speaker:
Authoring for creating rich and accessible content, Gejergj Demiraj
Managing Director and founder, Publiwide, Sebastien Dubuis
EPUB 3 producer at school, Tatsuo Nishizawa


Seminars and seminar speakers:
VitalSource content studio, Rick Johnson
Automatic production and embedding of speech in EPUB 3, Niclas Bergström
Leveraging the power of EPUB 3, Aditya Bikkani


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