Gyntha Goertz

Gyntha Goertz, Braille specialist at the Royal Dutch Visio

Braille reading technique

How to increase the speed of Braille reading

As a teacher we all know that correct reading and reading speed is important. That also include braille reading. However, the biggest challenge in teaching Braille is not only to teach reading but to guide the child to the most optimal technique. Young children cannot immediately apply the correct read technique, they should learn it step by step. When the child notes progress, it will enjoy reading by touch.

Gyntha Goertz will teach you special skills that helps young Braille pupils improve their reading speed. She will show exercises for the automatism of Braille characters and ways to stimulate the correct sitting posture. Advices will be given and you will learn how to encourage and guide the pupils to read with many fingers on the line as well as the two handed reading technique.

Gyntha Goertz and her research team have carried out a practical research project in primary schools about this theme. They have developed an observation list “good skills in reading braille” with the aim of increasing the speed. The list is primarily intended for reading Braille on paper and turned out useful as directive for teachers as well as for pupils themselves. Starting points of guiding Braille readers turn out to be:

  • Awareness of the optimal reading technique 
  • Observing and analyzing data
  • Interaction between teacher and child/student
  • Establish goals per pupil depending on the age and possibilities

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